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A management information system (MIS) for manufacturing and supply chain businesses​

About Hub

Hub is a feature rich modular management information system built to enable companies to centralise and integrate a variety of data sources into a single environment.

Operating as a standalone system or functioning alongside existing enterprise solutions such as ERP, MMS, WMS; Hub acts as a single point of access providing the supporting structure and additional features to enable businesses to control & manage all their data sources more effectively.


Integrating multiple data sources together will help deliver improvements in productivity. Hub can integrate with a broad range of data sources. ERP, CRM, WMS, SCADA, Excel, Accounts software. Handling the integration directly via API as well as accommodating import protocols. Should no automation be present within your operation Hub can interface manually.


Hub easily handles large volumes of data from multiple sources. Hub can be configured to connect to any existing data source within established, tried and tested systems that store production records. hub can work with any database back end (including but not limited to SQL Server, Third Part Applications, Microsoft Access Database, Excel).


The success of a business is founded on the ability to understand, analyse, and drive critical decisions from the data it collects. Hub provides real time operational performance reports, advanced operational and service planning, cross departmental Business Intelligence all presented in a way that is accessible, fresh, and innovative.


User Management

A comprehensive role based user management module. Control access to the data, set and assign users based on their role and data access needs.

  • User login and control
  • Creation of security groups
  • Over-arching module controlling access to other aspects of Hub

KPI's & Metrics

Select and set your KPI's. Track and monitor your important indicators and other business metrics.

  • Multiple types – number, date, meter readings
  • RAG analysis of results
  • Calculations – combine any number of KPIs to create derivative KPIs
  • API available to consume values from other sources, e.g. SCADA

Document Management

Manage and control of your key business documents.

  • Manage supporting material
  • Flag documents relevant to accreditations
  • Version history

Business Planning

Start your planning process using proven IBP techniques and methodologies.

  • Log Vulnerabilities & Opportunities
  • Management of RAPID teams
  • Allocation of Stream, Function, Category and reporting thereof


Sign off on forecasts, results and process change.

  • Assists with delivery of logging for accreditation purposes
  • Multiple signoffs possible
  • Not limited to Hub modules – this can be used for external processes


Provide users wih a specific task list and monitor team performance on delivering actions.

  • Record and report delays
  • View individual and team actions
  • Email delivery of reminders


Reporting across mulitple datasets providing the business with a holistic view.

  • Pull data from permissible data sources
  • Report on combined data sets
  • We work with you to create the reports that are valuable to your business

H&S Observations

Record any observation of your site in a single, reportable location.

  • Health & Safety observations – near misses, positive behaviours, negative behaviours
  • Audit observations
  • Environmental complaints


Monitor and manage your employees training requirements.

  • Expiring certifications
  • Training Matrix by team
  • User portal


Manage and control the flow of contractors through your site(s).

  • Permit to work
  • Contractor and Company reviews
  • Permitted activities

Change Management

Effectively administer the changing of your internal processes.

  • Configurable workflow
  • Multiple steps and sign offs
  • Maintain a version history of changes


Proactively operate an efficient meeting strategy.

  • Plan meetings and agenda
  • Specify invitees and delegates
  • Log actions against agenda items
  • Meeting evaluations
  • Report on attendance

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